Here are a few things in news, entertainment and pop culture that we've been talking about lately.

■ A performer dressed as Batman is body-slammed by a passer-by on the Strip. We want to be appalled by this, really, we do, but ...

■ Canadian researchers discover bedbugs carrying antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria. The only thing that could make this more scary is if they said the bedbugs were wearing clown outfits.

■ The 59-year-old Sahara hotel closes. That doesn't sound old, but 59 years in real time is 175 years in Vegas Time, so, hey, good riddance.

■ A religious group says the world will have ended Saturday. Then there's no point in wasting time thinking up a snarky one-liner about it.

JOHN PRZYBYS (jprzybys@reviewjournal.com)