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Kids will get a thrill out of yucky book

Give “Things That Make You Go Yuck! Crooked Critters” to your child, and will she do what the title says? Probably yes, as well as“Eeeeeuuuwww” and “Gross!” because that’s the kind of book this is.

Literary Las Vegas: Tera Lynn Childs

Las Vegas author Tera Lynn Childs, known for her Rita Award-winning debut novel “Oh. My. Gods,” her mermaid series that launched with “Forgive My Fins” and her Sweet Venom series, recently released “Darkly Fae: The Moraine Cycle.”

Literary Las Vegas: Steve Berkowitz

Clark County School District fifth-grade teacher Steve Berkowitz’s book “Chocrotes and the World Without Question” follows a young chicken born questioning everything despite a despot who demands mindless followers.