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How to find a vacation babysitter

A vacation doesn’t feel like much of a getaway if your kids are still whining, crying and clinging to you 24/7. Thankfully, it’s possible to get a babysitter when you’re on vacation. Here’s how to make it work

Use pattern mixing to discover design personality

Our homes are sacred places where we restore and reinvigorate ourselves. I’ve found that for a home to fill you to the brim, it needs to be a place where you feel fully yourself. They key to creating a haven is to thoughtfully decorate so your spaces reflect your unique personality, passions and lifestyle.

When is a ‘tuffet’ just a footstool?

Nursery rhymes may not make sense to the 21st-century child. What’s the tuffet that Little Miss Muffet sat on when the first copies of the rhyme appeared in England in 1553? A chair, a stool, a plant, a stone or maybe a small animal?