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This beer has been to space — sort of

Ninkasi Brewing Company is taking beer to new heights. The Eugene, Oregon-based brewery founded the Ninkasi Space Program in 2014. Its goal was to send a payload of brewer’s yeast into space and bring it back to earth for mankind to enjoy. Why? Because it could.

Recently hacked? It was probably a bad link that you clicked

When a cyber security breach hits the news, many think the attacks are the work of sophisticated data hackers. But two deeply researched reports being released this week underscore the less-heralded truth: the vast majority of hacking attacks are successful because employees click on links in tainted emails, companies fail to apply available patches to known software flaws, or technicians do not configure systems properly.

Caregiving starts with caring for yourself

With the growing number of adult caregivers—an estimated 43.5 million Americans taking care of someone over the age of 50 years—we are seeing a new phenomenon known as caregiver burnout. This term describes a state of “physical, emotional and mental exhaustion that may be accompanied by a change in attitude.