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Nursing home space lacking for veterans in Nevada

Here’s something you might care to dwell on with more than just a bit of candor: Hundreds of military veterans in the state who are in need of full-time nursing home care are being turned away from the Nevada State Veterans Home in Boulder City, due to insufficient facilities.

Sun City director vows to get to root of tree poisoning

You might ask what kind of a misfit would deliberately destroy a tiny forest of pine trees on a golf course, so they might have a better view of the Strip, or a better view of somebody hitting a golf ball, or maybe just to satisfy some kind of dysfunctional jollies? Well, that’s what happened to approximately 13 stately pines at Highland Falls Golf Course in Sun City Summerlin.

Far Hills-215 bridge could be godsend to trail users

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a pedestrian bridge that now straddles Far Hills Avenue, just west of the 215 Beltway. It wasn’t there as recently as a few weeks ago, and at first glance it appears that this beautiful walkway might be a bridge to nowhere.

Development of Summerlin Centre heralds community's future

The adage “shop ‘til you drop” is old and hackneyed. Still, that’s the way it’s going to be a year from now when more than 125 retail operations known as The Shops at Summerlin are expected to be open for business. More than likely, it will be in advance of Black Friday 2014, and as one might expect, Christmas shoppers will indeed be falling over one another.

Program keeps old drugs out of water system

Gather up those old prescription bottles lying around your medicine cabinet, or maybe stuck away in some drawer. Pack them into a plastic bag but do not remove the contents from the bottles. Then take them to the closest Metropolitan Police Department substation. For most Summerlin residents, that is the Northwest Area Command, 9850 W. Cheyenne Ave.

Anthony: No to Yucca Mountain waste dump

You talk to Stavros Anthony about the pitfalls of storing the country’s nuclear waste only 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, and you end up with growing confidence that good sense will somehow overcome the 2002 act by a Congress that voted with self-interest as its priority.

Sun City man hit last home run in historic Yankee Stadium

It was Oct. 12, 1972, and the big guy playing left field for the Detroit Tigers was Duke Sims. He was also playing for the right to go to the World Series, which would begin two days later. Sims was normally a catcher, but he carried a big bat, and he was a left-handed hitter. Tigers manager Billy Martin wanted to get that bat into his lineup.

Buyers best beware of unlicensed contractors

Try this on for size: In the 12 months ending last June 30, approximately 1,200 criminal complaints were opened against unlicensed contractors in the state. That includes a goodly percentage in Summerlin. Certainly any area with a heavy concentration of senior citizens, and especially those in Sun City Summerlin, is highly vulnerable to scammers.

Who should clean up Summerlin Parkway?

Summerlin Parkway has always been viewed as one of the crown jewels of roadways in all of Las Vegas. It’s a scenic highway lined with beautiful foliage and centered in some locations by magnificent, towering royal palms that serve as a majestic welcoming spectacle for motorists entering Summerlin.

51s president says Summerlin stadium would be a win-win for fans and downtown

There are some heavy hitters who would like to see the Las Vegas 51s hit a grand slam by relocating from Cashman Field to a new ballpark in Summerlin. Some have a sustained financial interest, some are concerned about the public interest, and still others have a deep Summerlin interest. Then there are the baseball purists, for whom the fans’ interest is uppermost. And that’s where Don Logan enters the picture.

Neighborhood Watch is a proven deterrent to burglaries

Have residential burglaries been on the rise in Summerlin, justifying the jitters some residents are suffering? Indeed they have. But is it an epidemic, as some might suggest? Not in neighborhoods where there are efforts by residents to watch out for one another by keeping a close eye on who’s coming and going.

'42' movie stirs Jackie Robinson memories

If many of you are like me and my wife, you saw the movie “42” sometime in recent weeks at the Suncoast and walked out of the theater raving about how much you had enjoyed the last two hours. I recall the days when I wrote about sports and covered baseball, in particular the Brooklyn Dodgers, for the Star-Ledger in Newark, N.J.

Southern Nevada N-Trakers take train hobby seriously

Members of the Southern Nevada N-Trakers are not just interested in model engines and rail cars that often sell for hundreds of dollars. It’s a lot more complex, such as the guage of the tracks, the voltage and the height and types of couplers that are used to connect rail cars and engines into a fully operating model train.

Beware if you've been solicited by HomeServe

Maybe you’re among the many homeowners in Summerlin who recently received mail from a company called HomeServe, urging you to buy insurance against a rupture in the waterline that extends from the street to the foundation of your home.