Amodei lends support to immigration march in Reno

RENO — Rep. Mark Amodei lent his support to immigration activists who took part in a Reno march on Saturday and pledged to work with leaders of both parties to ensure passage of immigration legislation.

The Nevada Republican greeted activists at his Reno office, spoke about 10 minutes and passed out water to them before they marched about three miles to the landmark Reno Arch.

He told them he recognizes the need for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration system and has been working hard to secure passage of immigration legislation.

More than 300 immigration activists marched from four different locations, including Amodei’s office, to the Reno Arch. Speakers there urged them to keep up pressure on Congress to enact immigration legislation.

Amodei has said he supports legislation that allows some immigrants to apply for U.S. citizenship after a 10-year probationary period. Many House Republicans question the offer of citizenship to people who broke U.S. immigration laws to be in the country.

Organizers praised Amodei’s support of the march, saying they appreciate his leadership on the immigration issue.