Basketball game goes on, despite shooting

Tuesday night's basketball games at Mojave High School went on as scheduled, with some students unaware that some of their schoolmates had been wounded in a mass shooting earlier in the day.

When the Review-Journal asked a group of teens about the shooting, a Mojave cheerleader gasped and began asking a friend standing beside her for details. They wondered whether a fight that had taken place at school earlier that day was related to the violence that played out at the bus stop.

Another student standing on the fringe of the group by the gymnasium's concession stand knew about the shooting because his mother was worried about letting him attend the game.

"That makes it bad on us," the boy said. "My mom didn't want me to come."

Mojave High School Assistant Principal Zaida Hennigar interrupted the interview before the students could identify themselves. Hennigar then said that the only questions the Review-Journal could ask of the students had to be game-related. When asked what district policy or regulation gave her the authority to restrict speech at a public afterschool event, Hennigar did not provide any.

Mojave Principal Charity Varnado then told the reporter to step outside the gymnasium if she planned to question parents. When Varnado was asked if she was directing the reporter to leave, Varnado said no.

"I'm asking you respectfully to step outside," said Varnado, who also failed to cite any district policy or regulation.