Building Division closes part of complaint in Flamingo Hotel renovation

The Clark County Building Division has partially closed a complaint against the Flamingo Hotel for remodeling rooms in a manner more extensive than that described in its building permits for the project.

While the removal and reconstruction of certain walls was not described in the application, it was required by conditions uncovered in the remodeling process, building division officials said after they investigated a complaint about the construction. Stacey Welling, a county spokeswoman, said appropriate inspections were conducted at the time of construction to assure those walls were properly rebuilt.

Kevin McOsker, inspections manager for the building division, recommended closing this aspect of the complaint after meeting with other building division officials, including the one who conducted most inspections on the project; personnel from Harrah's Entertainment, which owns the Flamingo; and Ford Contracting, which worked on the project. "Even though the demo plans did not call out demolition for (certain walls) the removal of the drywall was required to install electrical outlets," McOsker wrote in his report recommending closure. "When removing the drywall they found a 2-5/8" stud wall. The electrical installation would not fit in the existing wall cavity. Additionally, this wall was required to be a 1 hour fire resistive wall per the plan details. 3-5/8" metal studs were required to be installed in the wall ... Everyone believed this was what was intended by the approved plans."

Harrah's spokesman Gary Thompson said Friday, "As we've said previously, plans and details of the remodeling at the Flamingo were drawn, the work was completed and inspected by the county, a certificate of occupancy was received and our review of the project showed it to be compliant.

"We're pleased that inspectors recognized that conditions uncovered during a portion of the remodeling required us to take certain remedial actions and that Clark County agreed with the recommendation to close that part of the complaint. We'll continue to work cooperatively and closely with county officials to resolve any other issues related to room remodeling and remediation."

Welling said two other issues involving Flamingo remodeling are still under review by the building division. One involves electrical work in guest rooms and the other involves a damaged tension cable in a floor slab.

The complaint was first publicly reported by the Review-Journal Wednesday. It was partially closed later the same day, as a result of reviews con-ducted earlier in the month.

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