City planning officials support bank for parcel

A bank is a suitable neighbor for a pet cemetery, Las Vegas planning officials said Thursday night, but they still did not give a would-be developer the zoning he wanted.

On 6-1 votes, members of the Las Vegas Planning Commission recommended rezoning a 1-acre parcel at the northwest corner of Craig Road and Tenaya Way from residential to office use.

The owner of the property, though, said the bank that wants to build a branch on the corner is demanding full commercial zoning.

"We just feel boxed in," said Warren Hardy, a consultant who is working for the owners. "We have no other fish on the hook. If we don't get the C-1 zoning, we won't have a bank."

The Las Vegas City Council will have the final say and is scheduled to hear the matter Thursday .

The lot is next to the Craig Road Pet Cemetery, where people are concerned that commercial uses will detract from the tranquility. And neighbors have pushed for years to keep commercial development from spreading west of Tenaya Way.

"You're going to set a precedent for every corner up the block," warned Curt Weiman, who manages the cemetery.

Also, concern existed that granting commercial zoning would open the parcel to a range of uses that would not require additional city review.

Planning Commissioner Gus Flangas said all a bank would need is office zoning.

"It kind of boggles my mind a little bit" that they are demanding commercial, he said. "It makes me wonder about what the motive is."

The corner is zoned for residential use now and is owned by a company called CT-1 LLC. Last year the owners wanted approval for a fast-food restaurant on the site but withdrew the application when neighbors protested.

Plans now call for a 4,195-square-foot bank with drive-through lanes. The restaurant would have been open 24 hours a day, but the bank would keep normal office hours, according to documents filed with the city.