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Saving Huntridge Theater too taxing, readers say

One impassioned reader came out swinging when I wrote last Thursday it was time to stop dumping tax and fee dollars into saving the Huntridge Theater. After all, about $2 million of the public's money hasn't done the job so far.

No more taxpayer funds for Huntridge

Enough already. The time has come to stop pouring public dollars into reviving the Huntridge Theater. If some history buff wants to spend private dollars to restore the theater, hooray. But no more public money, please.

First lady fights good fight, and many benefit

Her husband praises her for her efforts to improve the lives of Nevadans, ticking off issues she works on including prescription drug abuse, homelessness, various programs for school children, and mental health.

Scorpion 'juice' could provide hope for cancer patients

Definitely, there‘s an ick factor when Dr. Jim Olson describes using "€œscorpion juice"€ to help people with cancerous brain tumors. But once you abolish the vision of him milking venom from Israeli Deathstalker scorpions, the ick decreases. Since he doesn‘€™t.

Appeals court cautions federal judge to get in line

U.S. District Judge Robert Clive Jones received a double whammy the other day. In two unrelated cases, his actions on the bench were overturned on appeal, the court essentially telling the judge to stop marching to his own drummer.

Will Colorado marijuana ruling affect Nevada?

On Monday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled it was OK for a company to fire a customer service representative, even though what the worker was doing on his own time was perfectly legal under Colorado law.