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Boomers push for enjoyable funerals

Laura Sussman, co-owner of Kraft-Sussman Funeral Services, says baby boomers are personalizing their funerals to the point where they may end up in the coffin in surfing gear instead of their best church suit. She said it’s common for services now to be held in parks instead of funeral homes. And rock music instead of somber church music is now common at many funerals.

Contempt for women can pay off

Some people believe former Stanford student and star swimmer Brock Turner is destined for failure because of his sexual assault conviction. But many misogynists in the the United States — ranging from Bill Clinton to Mike Tyson — have gone on to great success despite their terrible behavior.

Boomers want their dream cars

Retired teacher Yvonne Cooper is one of the many baby boomers who’s bought her dream car. She bought it as a gift to herself. Statistics show that boomers buy the most cars, yet only 10 percent of marketing dollars are spent on advertising to them.

Stolen guns used for safety create danger

Near 2500 guns that people use for protection in Las Vegas are stolen by thieves. In a country where the FBI reports that are more than 2 million home burglaries each year, it isn’t easy easy to have guns for protection when thieves are at work.

Don’t rush into retirement

It can drive you half crazy — deciding whether to retire. And if you do decide to retire, and then realize you weren’t ready, it’s quite possible you’ll feel like you’ve gone completely mad.