Blaze exposes marijuana grow house

Las Vegas firefighters put out a small fire in a house Friday morning and discovered a marijuana growing operation inside.

The fire started about 9:15 a.m. at 1904 W. Mesquite Ave., near Rancho Drive and U.S. Highway 95. A neighbor called 911 after seeing smoke in the air, according to a news release from the Las Vegas Fire Department.

The neighbor told authorities that the home's resident said he had everything under control and did not want the Fire Department to come, according to the release.

Firefighters tracked the smoke to a burning stand-alone air conditioner inside a bedroom, which also contained marijuana plants, the release said. After putting out the flames, the firefighters called Las Vegas police.

The room contained 12 mature marijuana plants and many immature plants, police said. Investigators also found a pound of packaged marijuana.

No arrests had been made, but the investigation was ongoing.