Clark County firefighter admits stealing money from fire stations

A Clark County firefighter has confessed to stealing food money from his colleagues, Las Vegas police said Thursday.

John Brush faces 17 counts, six of them for felony burglary.

Brush, 44, said he called in bogus emergencies from nearby gas stations to lure firefighters out of their stations, police said.

When the firefighters left, Brush is alleged to have pilfered the stations' chow funds, described as money firefighters contributed for groceries.

He also faces six misdemeanor counts of unlawful use of a system, for accessing stations by entering a code.

It was through checking the access history contained in the code boxes that Deputy Chief Russ Cameron detected Brush had been at several stations, many where he did not work, on his days off.

Police said Brush told them he gambled with the stolen money on more than one occasion.

The thefts took place between July 13 and Aug. 27. The amounts ranged from $60 to $200.

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