Former Clark County sheriff not likely a 2014 candidate

Late Friday night, former Clark County Sheriff Bill Young said he won’t seek the job again if Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo decides to run for the office.

“I never really said I was going to run. I only said I was considering it,” said Young, 57, who was sheriff from 2003 to 2007 and now serves as vice president of security for Station Casinos. Current Sheriff Doug Gillespie has announced he’s not running again.

“I just want to make sure we get a quality sheriff,” Young said. “I grew up here, everything I got is because of Vegas, and I don’t want to stand by and see somebody who might not be qualified get the job.”

Young said he thinks Lombardo, assistant sheriff for the Metropolitan Police Department and second in command, would be perfect for the position.

“If Joe’s in, I’m behind him 200 percent,” Young said.

But Young also said that he thinks the race is too far off to start predicting who is going to run and who isn’t. He said a lot could occur between now and the election.

Gillespie only recently announced his decision, Young noted, and the election isn’t until November 2014.

In Young’s opinion, the Clark County sheriff’s position is probably the second-most highly regarded position in Nevada, after the governor’s office.

“And you have to remember, a lot of us guys aren’t politicians; we’re real police officers, we’re cops,” Young said. “It’s a daunting task to jump into the political arena and start shaking hands and asking people for money.”

Contacted by telephone late Friday night, Lombardo, 50, made it clear he is still undecided. “I’m not sure, but I’m almost there. I’ll have a decision in a couple of weeks.”

Lombardo is a 25-year veteran of the Las Vegas police. He started as a patrol officer, then worked through the ranks.

Three others have announced their candidacy: retired Las Vegas police officer and Las Vegas constable Robert “Bobby G” Gronauer, Las Vegas police officer Laurie Bisch and former Assistant Sheriff Ted Moody.