Former Las Vegas police officer released on bail

After spending 10 months behind bars, former Las Vegas police officer William Ronald Webb has been freed on $150,000 bail while he fights felony charges in a suspected scheme to help his girlfriend, attorney Nancy Quon, kill herself.

Defense lawyer John Momot said Webb's parents posted the bail and Webb would be staying with them. He has surrendered his passport and plans to seek treatment for alcohol abuse.

"Now, he's capable of assisting me at the office, rather than trying to do this at a jail setting," Momot said. "We've got volumes and volumes of material to go through."

Webb, 43, has been jailed since his Nov. 9 arrest, accused of trying to obtain drugs from undercover officers to give to Quon, who police suspect wanted to commit suicide to escape the pressure of a federal investigation into homeowners associations.

Both Webb and Quon, 51, a wealthy construction defects lawyer, were indicted Aug. 17 in connection with the allegations of the suicide scheme and of a botched suicide attempt by Quon stemming from a suspicious Oct. 28 fire at her Rhodes Ranch home.

Federal prosecutors have struck plea deals with as many as two dozen targets in recent weeks in the sweeping homeowners investigation, which has identified Quon as one of the chief conspirators. Some of those targets, who have agreed to cooperate against Quon and other key conspirators, have pleaded guilty. More are expected to follow suit in the weeks ahead.

Quon, who has denied trying to kill herself and setting fire to her home, is free on $50,000 bail.

Webb's release was made possible after District Judge Michelle Leavitt reduced his bail from $400,000 on Aug. 23 against the wishes of county prosecutors.

Prosecutors alleged that Webb was looking to have a shootout with undercover detectives on the night of his arrest at the Green Valley Ranch resort.

But Momot argued the case against him was weak and his actions were the result of alcohol abuse over the stress of the federal homeowners investigation.

Momot said Webb, an 18-year Las Vegas police veteran with strong family ties in Las Vegas, was receiving psychiatric medication in jail.