Las Vegas police officer facing drug charges relieved of duty

A six-year Las Vegas police officer resigned after taking a deal from prosecutors in his pending felony drug possession case, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Las Vegas police said Tuesday that Officer Ramin Amely pleaded guilty in the felony drug case involving prescription painkillers, though the district attorney’s office and Amely’s lawyer said that hasn’t happened yet.

Police union attorney David Roger said that as part of the deal, Amely will plead guilty to one felony count of drug possession, but his adjudication will be deferred while he enters a drug rehabilitation program.

If Amely successfully completes the program, he will be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea and the case will be dropped, Roger said.

Nevada law allows for this type of negotiation in low-level drug possession cases in order to get defendants treatment for addiction.

As per Police Department policy, Amely was suspended without pay following his arrest in the felony case. He was last assigned to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Traffic Bureau.

Information from Las Vegas police conflicted with that of the district attorney’s office and Amely’s defense lawyer on the number of charges, whether or not the guilty plea had been entered, and if Amely had resigned or was relieved of duty by the department.

Calls to the Metropolitan Police Department for clarification were not returned Tuesday evening.

According to justice court documents, Amely was charged with the possession of and unlawful taking or obtaining of a controlled substance, which included Percocet and/or hydrocodone.

From May 2011 to February 2013, Amely went to numerous doctors to obtain more painkillers while undergoing treatment. He did not tell the doctors that he had already been prescribed painkillers previously, the documents said. An arraignment hearing is set for July 1.

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