Man indicted on robbery, kidnapping charges in connection with scam

A man was indicted Wednesday on charges that he faked being a potential renter to leasing agents to lure them to vacant properties where they were robbed.

Jose Perez-Sanchez, 42, faces two dozen felony counts, including armed robbery and kidnapping. He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center on $2 million bail set by Judge Linda Bell.

Authorities said that starting last month, Perez-Sanchez lured landlords or rental agents on five occasions to look at properties. Once there, he threatened them with a knife or what looked like a handgun but turned out to be a BB gun, and tied them up or locked them in rooms.

A Las Vegas police report showed that Perez-Sanchez stole cash, jewelry, credit cards and cellphones. Eventually, detectives were able to track him down when his wife appeared on security footage at an ATM trying to withdraw cash with one of the stolen cards.

A child occasionally accompanied Perez-Sanchez during the robberies.

After his arrest, three of the victims identified Perez-Sanchez as the man who robbed them, the report showed.