Nevada State College smooths way for community college transfers

To aid recruiting and ease the transition for community college students, Nevada State College announced Tuesday that it will have permanent offices on all three College of Southern Nevada campuses.

NSC advisers will visit CSN’s Charleston, Cheyenne and Henderson campuses on a rotating basis to simplify transfers, advise students and provide early admissions services.

“This transfer office will ensure that students move smoothly from a two-year program to a four-year program,” CSN President Michael Richards said. “We take that very seriously at CSN, and I know Nevada State takes it seriously, too.”

NSC President Bart Patterson stressed the benefits of having an educated population. He also noted that those with college degrees earn more than their less-educated counterparts.

“Getting an associate degree and then a four-year degree is critical to how you’re going to succeed financially,” Patterson said.

CSN has a similar arrangement with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Students can secure appointments at

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