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Critics question state finding of cheating at CCSD school

The state’s 17-month investigation into cheating allegations at Kelly Elementary School yielded no conclusive evidence. Transcripts of subpoenaed testimonies obtained by the Review-Journal, an analysis of the state’s findings and interviews with those privy to the investigation reveal a multi-agency probe that critics claim ignored evidence to arrive at a conclusion of wrongdoing by school staff.

Washoe School Board member resigns

Washoe County School Board member Dave Aiazzi said he has been diagnosed with leukemia and will resign from the board by the end of September, but added that it has nothing to do with Superintendent Pedro Martinez’s firing and reinstatement.

Clark County schools planning more magnet programs

Clark County schools Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky announced Wednesday plans to add seven new magnet programs and five Select Schools, which are high schools that will offer specialized programs of study, in 2015-16. Another four magnet programs will be added in 2016-17.

Nevada bill would modify school boards

Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, R-Reno, said Friday he is requesting a bill for the 2015 legislative session to consider changes to the way county school boards operate in the wake of the Washoe County School Board’s failed attempt to fire Superintendent Pedro Martinez.