Buckley handing out contribution riches

CARSON CITY -- Even though she does not have a primary opponent, Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, has raised more than $300,000 in campaign contributions and has begun to give money to many other Democratic legislative candidates.

Clark County Election Department records show the District 8 assemblywoman raised $303,347 in contributions as of July 31 and spent $142,762.

The Republican candidates in her district, who have a primary race, raised next to nothing compared with Buckley.

Kevin Child actually reported that he raised nothing and spent nothing on the campaign, while his primary opponent, Jim Jonas, raised and spent $4,925.

Child, however, has had expenses during the period since he hired a lawyer to contest before the Supreme Court whether Buckley could run for another term under the state's term limits constitutional amendment.

Justices found unanimously that Buckley and 12 other long-time legislators can run again this year.

Buckley's contribution report shows she raised money from lawyers, casinos, builders and people of many occupational groups.

Wynn Las Vegas, the Associated General Contractors, Nevada Realtors Inc., Cantor G&W Nevada and the Nevada State Education Association each contributed $10,000 to Buckley, a possible governor candidate in 2010.

Democrats hold a 27-15 lead over Republicans in the Assembly, and Buckley's expenditure report shows she wants to add to that majority and help her party gain a majority in the Senate.

She contributed $8,000 to Allison Herr's campaign and $5,000 to candidates Marilyn Dondero Loop, April Mastroluca and Shirley Breeden.

In addition, she made $5,000 contributions to incumbent Assembly members Bonnie Parnell of Carson City and David Bobzien of Reno.

Buckley also made $1,000 contributions to candidates Steve Dalton, Carlos Blumberg, Joetta Brown, Robert Townsend, Craig Ballew, Dan Briggs, Andrew Martin, Ellen Siegel and Scotty Barb.

She gave $1,000 to incumbent Assembly member Ruben Kihuen, D-Las Vegas, and $500 to Assemblyman Richard Segerblom, D-Las Vegas.