Clinton urged to reveal what she knows of UFOs


UFO researchers say Hillary Clinton knows whether extraterrestrials have contacted Earth, and they want her to come clean about it.

Sen. Clinton has been aware of the "extraterrestrial presence issue" since 1993 when her husband was president, according to Stephen Bassett, lobbyist and director of the Paradigm Research Group, an organization that focuses on UFO "exopolitics."

"She is connected to this issue and there is nothing she can do about it," Bassett insisted Monday at a news conference wrapping up a weekend "X-Conference" at a suburban Maryland hotel.

On the day before the Pennsylvania primary, Clinton's campaign did not return a call regarding her knowledge of E.T.s on earth.

But Canadian researcher Grant Cameron maintained that the Clintons obtained information about UFOs and key landmarks in UFO folklore such as Area 51 in Nevada and Roswell, N.M.

Trying to shed light on a Clinton-UFO connection, Cameron said he pored through 991 pages of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act from the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Clinton library.

About 450 pages were related to Area 51 at Groom Lake in Nevada where the government conducted tests of advanced aircraft and weaponry. But, he said, one document that appeared related to the UFO issue was largely blacked out.

"It was full of black bars," Cameron said.

At the X-Conference, attendees listened to "ufologists" discussing UFO sightings, alien technology and the government's challenge of disclosing "the UFO issue" to the general public. They were also treated to several alien-encounter documentaries.

Although ufologists at times have been ridiculed as conspiracy theorists, one candidate for U.S. Congress stepped forward at Monday's news conference in support of their work.

Joseph Buchman, a Libertarian running in Utah's 1st District that includes part of Salt Lake City, called on Congress to hold open hearings on the government's extraterrestrial-related activities.

He also wants new laws allowing officials to waive their security oaths in order to talk freely about their experiences hunting extraterrestrials.

"Once Congress would pass such legislation they would be free to talk about an issue they would surely love to share with their families, their wives and others," Buchman said.

Bassett urged Clinton also to talk openly about her knowledge of UFOs.

Basset said he is not trying to lose Clinton votes. Rather, she may gain votes by acknowledging what he said "50 percent" of voters already believe -- that Earth has been contacted from outer space.

Clinton "is absolutely pinned between her ambition to be the next president, or whatever her ambition might be, and this issue, and there is no way out -- period," Bassett said.

Clinton is not the only presidential candidate to be pressed about alien encounters.

At an Oct. 30, 2007 presidential debate for Democrats in Philadelphia, candidate Rep. Dennis Kucinich was asked by moderator Tim Russert if he had ever seen a UFO, and he said yes.

Russert then asked Sen. Barack Obama whether he believed in life beyond Earth.

"You know, I don't know and I don't presume to know," Obama responded.

Bassett said he is determined to make sure "the UFO question" comes up again -- and this time gets asked to the right person. Meaning Hillary Clinton.

"There are many debates to come," Bassett said Monday. "This is not over."