Raggio survives, others fall

CARSON CITY -- Two incumbent Republican Assembly members from Clark County went down in overwhelming defeat in Tuesday's primary election, while longtime Senate Majority Leader Bill Raggio held onto his seat in Reno.

Meanwhile, another long-time Republican member of the Assembly, John Marvel of Battle Mountain, lost his race to former Assemblyman Don Gustavson in a six-person race for Northern Nevada's District 32.

Assembly members Francis Allen of Las Vegas and Bob Beers of Henderson were trounced by 2 to 1 margins by former FBI agent Richard McArthur and Rio revenue manager Jon Ozark, respectively, in the races for the District 4 and 21 seats.

In Reno's Senate District 3, Raggio fended off a tough challenge from former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle, winning 53 percent to 47 percent.

Raggio, 81, would be seeking his record 10th four-year term in the Senate. It will be his last term under term limits.

"I was disappointed by the low turnout," Raggio said. "I am grateful for everybody who helped us in the primary. It was a spirited primary. I was disappointed with some of the misrepresentations of my record, but that is behind us."

Raggio said he will now work to help the Republican Party do well in November.

In conceding defeat, Allen thanked supporters and friends who backed her during a "difficult race." She wished McArthur luck during the general election.

"It was a tough campaign, but I managed to stay positive throughout and I'm proud of that," Allen said. "I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to serve my district for four years and I accomplished much of what I set out to do."

McArthur drew 47 percent of the District 4 vote, compared with 24 percent for Allen, 23 percent for Andrew Brownson and 7 percent for Flo Jones.

Allen, 30, may have lost her bid for a third term because of her May 17 arrest on charges she stabbed Paul Maineri, her husband of a month and a half, with a steak knife during an argument in their home.

Maineri first said Allen stabbed him, but in a July court hearing said he stabbed himself, and charges were dropped.

But the damage clearly had been done.

McArthur said he did not have to tell voters about the stabbing, since if they kept up with the news they were not going to support her.

Ozark was elated by his easy 69 percent to 31 percent victory over Beers.

"People liked my message of lower taxes and less government, regardless of what my opponent's name was," Ozark said. "I am enjoying the victory tonight and tomorrow will begin work on the general election."

Beers has the same name but is no relation to the better known Sen. Bob Beers, R-Las Vegas.

One-term incumbent Beers may have contributed to his own defeat in District 21 last year when he sponsored a bill in the Assembly to stop Wynn Las Vegas from requiring dealers to share their tips with supervisors.

While a version of his bill passed the Assembly, Beers' proposal broke with the thinking of most other Republicans.

Only five of 15 Assembly Republicans supported the bill, which ultimately was killed in the Senate.

Last month Beers said his donations from corporations stopped after his bill against Wynn Las Vegas. Ozark had nearly three times the contributions as did Beers.

Marvel had escaped close calls in previous elections, but not this time.

The 30-year assemblyman won handily in rural areas but did not do as well in Washoe County. He was losing with 29 percent of the vote to Gustavson's 34 percent with the only votes left to count in Washoe County.

Gustavson said a lot of voters believed it was time for Marvel to retire.

There were no other upsets in primary legislative races.

In Senate District 4, Senate Minority Steven Horsford swept to an easy victory over two challengers in the Democrat primary.

In the Senate District 7 Democratic primary, David Parks coasted to a big victory over two little-known opponents. Parks, a longtime Assembly member, wants to step into the Senate seat held by Dina Titus, now a congressional candidate.

In other Clark County Assembly races, Democrat incumbents Mark Manendo in District 18, Kathy McClain in District 15, Morse Arberry in District 7 and James Ohrenschall in District 12 were sweeping to large primary victories. Republican incumbents Chad Christensen in District 13 and Lynn Stewart in District 22 also were scoring overwhelming victories.

Christensen, who won a 5 to 1 victory over Michael Kurcab, said he takes every race seriously. "I never take a grace period. I navigate each race like the underdog."

Review-Journal writer Maggie Lillis contributed to this report.