Family services ombudsman to help address complaints

Clark County officials on Tuesday appointed an ombudsman to review complaints about its Department of Family Services.

Tisa Evans was named ombudsman for dispute resolution for children and families, officials said.

"My role will be as an independent fact-finder," Evans said. "I will do my job with integrity and will serve the children in the community."

In addition to addressing complaints about the department, Evans will track trends, identify deficiencies and recommend improvements.

The position of ombudsman was approved by Clark County commissioners in March, and officials have been researching other programs across the country to see how an ombudsman can best serve the county.

"This is not something we entered into lightly," County Manager Virginia Valentine said. "We're very proud of this program. It is going to lead the way to add more accountability to the system."

In the past, complaints were filed with the agency. Now, citizens can report issues about the Department of Family Services to the ombudsman, who will report issues directly to the county manager's office as an independent representative of the public interest.

Evans already has been assisting the county for 45 days, becoming acquainted with the department during that time. She will not be resolving past cases, but will be focused on what comes in the future.

Evans has been involved in child services for more than 10 years. Most recently, she was director of the Keystone Center in Pennsylvania. Evans has a bachelor's degree in social behavioral sciences from Pennsylvania State University and a master's degree in elementary education from Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.

A new toll-free number is available for complaints, 1-866-780-9541. Complaints can also be e-mailed to