Former Hells Angels chapter president pleads guilty in assault

The former president of the Hells Angels motorcycle club’s local chapter pleaded guilty Monday to assaulting rival gang members at a downtown wedding chapel in 2008.

Surveillance footage showed Charles “Peewee” Goldsmith leading the way, fists first, as he and 12 others swarmed Mongols who were attending a wedding at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel on Fourth Street and Gass Avenue on Dec. 20, 2008.

Goldsmith pleaded guilty to battery with substantial bodily harm with the intent to promote, further or assist the activities of a criminal gang and coercion.

As part of the deal with prosecutors, Goldsmith agreed to a two- to five-year prison term. Goldsmith’s son, Brad Goldsmith, pleaded guilty on Friday to similar charges and agreed to serve 16 months to four years in prison.

Charles Goldsmith, who was kicked out of the Hells Angels after making a statement to Las Vegas police, will be sentenced in March.

In all, 13 men were charged with bludgeoning three Mongols and three others during the melee. As the Hells Angels were leaving a wedding ceremony of their own, they saw three Mongols at the chapel for another wedding.

The 13 men attacked the Mongols, bludgeoning them with their fists, feet, bottles and trash cans. Prosecutors called it an unprovoked attack.

Defense lawyers had said their clients were acting in self-defense because Mongols had months earlier attacked and killed a Hells Angel in San Francisco.

All but three of the defendants have taken plea deals. Joseph Gennuso is set to stand trial in January. James Sexey and John Merchant, with Jeffrey Murray, were accused of stabbing victims during the brawl.

Murray, who pleaded guilty in July, is set to be sentenced Friday.

All of the men remained free on bond.