Getaway driver tells police about deadly robbery

Derecia Newman died with a $20 bill in her hand.

She took the cash from a woman who came to her door at 4 a.m. Saturday. She believed it to be payment for the marijuana and crack cocaine on a plate in her east valley apartment.

But the bill's previous owners didn't intend it as a payment. They used it so Newman, a 28-year-old mother, wouldn't suspect they were about to rob her.

A gunman shot Newman once in the forehead, shot her 12-year-old daughter, De'Vonia, in the gut and made off with the cocaine on the plate and a small amount of cash from a bedroom nightstand.

The slaying was detailed in the arrest report filed against 38-year-old Monica Martinez, who told police she was the getaway driver. She told police that she, the woman at the door, the gunman and another man conspired to rob Newman.

Las Vegas police are searching for the others. They might have fled to other states, Lt. Lew Roberts said.

"We're hoping to get those guys in custody pretty soon," he said.

Newman's daughter remains hospitalized but was able to tell detectives what she saw.

According to the arrest report, Newman had called the woman at the door, identified as Stephanie Cousins, before the shooting and offered to sell the drugs. Martinez, Cousins and two men who went by "D" and "D-Shock" got together after the phone call and discussed robbery, Martinez told investigators.

Cousins told the group about the phone call she had received from Newman, and they decided to rob her, the report said. Martinez drove the group to Newman's apartment on the 5600 block of Meikle Lane, near Christy Lane and Lake Mead Boulevard. She picked them up and drove them home after the shooting.

The arrest report doesn't say why Newman was shot.

Martinez is facing charges that include murder and conspiracy to commit murder and is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail.

Anybody with information on the other suspects are encouraged to call the homicide section at 828-3521 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 385-5555.