GoPro captures diver fending off shark with spear

A scuba diver caught a near-attack by a shark on camera last week while diving in the western Caribbean Sea.

Jason Dimitri was culling lion fish in about 70 feet of water when he noticed a shark circling him. The shark repeatedly approached him as he fended it off with nothing but a short spear.

Dimitri, who learned how to dive in the Cayman Islands, said on YouTube that he was hunting the lion fish to help protect the reef from destruction.

Lion fish pose a major threat to coral reef ecosystems, slashing the survival rate of other species by up to 80 percent after moving into an area.

Dimitri said the shark was simply acting in its natural habitat.

“I have no ill will toward him and will get back in the water and continue to protect the reef for future generations,” he said.

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