City marshals to see 4 percent pay increase

Las Vegas marshals who agreed to a pay cut to help the city cope with the recession will start getting raises again.

On Wednesday, the city council voted 7-0 in favor of a two-year contract with the Las Vegas Police Protective Association that includes an extra $517,000 in raises and sick leave. The contract was previously ratified by the union.

Under terms of the contract, retroactive to June 30, marshals would get a 4 percent raise to offset a 4 percent cut they took to help the city save money during the recession.

In the second year of the deal they would receive a 1.5 percent raise.

“They were one of the first to really work with us to reach some resolution during the recession. They did an incredible job to help stabilize the city,” City Manager Betsy Fretwell said of the marshals.

The new deal also contains changes city officials say will save money over the long haul. The list includes a 50 percent cut in sick leave accrual allowed, no longevity increases for new hires, a reduction in vacation accrual and eliminates the practice of salary continuation beyond 240 hours in worker’s compensation cases.

The overall budget for city marshals in 2014 is about $9.2 million.

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