County, state resolve lawsuit over diverted $102 million

Clark County officials have reached a deal with the state over their lawsuit seeking to recoup $102.5 million diverted to state coffers three years ago.

The county won't get all of that money back, and it won't all come back as cash. Under the agreement, the state will provide $35 million toward the county's $50 million airport connector project on the Las Vegas Beltway. And it will adjust the state's Medicaid funding formula, saving the county nearly $16 million through June 30.

Commissioners will have a chance to approve the deal next month.

The deal ends a dispute that started in 2009, when the Legislature passed a bill that took money from the county to plug holes in the state budget. The county sued in June trying to get it back.

The creative settlement would help build a new flyover bridge from the southbound airport connector to the eastbound Beltway and add other expansions to the area.

"This was a difficult negotiation, but in the end I believe we reached an agreement that benefits the County, the State and ultimately our taxpayers," County Manager Don Burnette said in a statement. "The Airport Connector project is desperately needed and will benefit all residents of Southern Nevada."

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