Las Vegas City Council approves urban trails initiative, delays term limits vote

The nonprofit group Outside Las Vegas will get the chance to improve marketing and upkeep for more than 60 miles of urban trails under a proposal the Las Vegas City Council approved Wednesday.

The council voted 7-0 to give the group $55,000 to recruit volunteers who establish an "adopt a trail" program aimed at raising private money to help maintain and promote trails in the city's portion of the valleywide Neon to Nature trails network.

The city's portion of the approximately 240-mile network includes trails for walking, biking and horse riding.

"It doesn't even feel like you are in the city; you are just going past parks and schools," Thomas Warden, chairman and founding member of Outside Las Vegas, told council members while describing a recent trail ride.

Council members said the money will be put to good use if it makes residents and visitors more likely to use the trail system.

"This is like the best kept secret of Las Vegas, we need to get the word out," Councilman Stavros Anthony said.