Henderson center's owners surrender business license

A medical office linked to the widening hepatitis C outbreak has surrendered its Henderson business license rather than fight a city suspension handed down March 4.

The owners of the Gastroenterology Center of Nevada at 2610 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway were scheduled for a hearing Tuesday before the Henderson City Council. The hearing was canceled after the business voluntarily gave up its license.

The Gastroenterology Center of Nevada was licensed in the name of Dr. Dipak Desai, majority owner the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, where staff members might have infected six people with hepatitis C by using contaminated syringes and vials of medication.

Henderson officials suspended Desai's business license after a city inspector was barred access to the office.

City spokeswoman Cindy Herman said the Gastroenterology Center of Nevada could apply for a new license if the proposed operation does not involve Desai or any other owner or supervisor from the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada.

Asked whether an effort is underway to reopen the Gastroenterology Center in Henderson, Herman said, "We don't know that for a fact. They have not submitted a new application for a business licence."

In the meantime, the Henderson city attorney's office is collecting contact information from people who were treated at Gastroenterology Center of Nevada and are trying to get their medical records from the office.

Herman said that about 40 patients are on the list so far.

Las Vegas police are working on a procedure for releasing patient records seized from the Gastroenterology Center of Nevada.

Police, FBI agents and state investigators took tens of thousands of documents when they served search warrants at six offices related to the medical practice.

Most of the patients can obtain their records from the doctor who referred them to the center, police said.