Henderson man claims woman killed in shooting loaded pistol

He emptied and cleaned the Remington pistol minutes before he put it to the woman’s temple Tuesday morning inside his Henderson home.

When Colin Lowrey pulled the trigger, he fatally shot 23-year-old Cherish Noelle Pincombe, according to a Henderson police report. Lowrey, 22, told police Pincombe must have loaded the gun when he stepped out of the room.

Lowrey called 911 just before 8:30 a.m. Tuesday morning from his Henderson house in the 700 block of Taliput Palm Place, near Gibson Road and Sunset Road, and told dispatchers he had accidentally shot Pincombe.

Pincombe was taken to Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center where she died from her wounds about 9 a.m. The Clark County coroner found that Pincombe died from a gunshot wound to the head and ruled her death a homicide.

According to the report, Pincombe came over to the house about 8 p.m. Monday night where she, Lowrey and Lowrey’s three roommates watched a movie. After the movie, Pincombe fell asleep while Lowrey and one of his roommates started to play video games, the report said.

The two played the game throughout the morning, taking breaks to drink alcohol until they finished about 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. Afterwards, Lowrey and his roommate started to chat with people on the site Omegle.com, the report said.

Omegle.com is a site where people can video chat with random, anonymous people across the globe.

About 8 a.m., Pincombe joined the two men at the downstairs computer and the three continued to chat on the site. They began talking to a woman from Norway, who asked if they had any guns. Lowrey went and retrieved his Remington-.45 caliber handgun and a rifle, the report said. Lowrey then took the pistol apart and cleaned it. The roommate went back upstairs, while Lowrey and Pincombe continued to chat with random people on the site.

Lowrey told police he left the gun unloaded on the desk and then stepped out of the room to use the bathroom. While chatting with an unknown person, Lowrey claims, Pincombe asked him to point the gun at her head, and he complied. He told police that he thought the gun was still unloaded and pulled the trigger, according to the report.

Lowrey “believes that Pincombe retrieved the magazine and inserted it into the gun while he was in the bathroom,” the report said.

During the investigation, Lowrey told police that he was an active Army Reservist. A detective asked him if he could tell the difference in weight between a loaded and unloaded gun, to which Lowrey said he could, but did not in this instance.

Lowrey was booked into the Henderson Detention Center on one charge of murder.

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