Henderson Planning Commission approves rock crushing operation

The Henderson Planning Commission approved a request for a rock crushing operation near a rural preservation area in the River Mountains foothills Thursday.

The item was continued in December so the applicant, Capriati Construction Corp., could have a meeting with concerned neighbors.

The short-term mining and processing equipment will help build a detention basin at the foothills east of Magic Way and Warm Springs Road.

Capriati Construction Corp. was given a reduction in the required separation from the nearest occupied residential dwelling from 2,640 feet to 1,666 feet because the federal government, which owns the land, already had determined a specific site to stockpile materials.

There also are power lines, a channel and the mountains in the area, which limits the space for the facility.

Residents, who voiced concerns about noise, dust and trucks in December, did not attend this meeting.

The material will be taken a short distance through a rural area to be crushed at the proposed site. Crushing is scheduled to begin Feb. 1.

The commission unanimously approved plans for Hidden Falls Park on 60 acres at 281 W. Horizon Drive. The park, which does not have an opening date, would have a basketball court, a skate park, a dog park, playgrounds with canopies, a water play feature and a trailhead for the future Amargosa Trail.

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Dan Shaw and Vice Chairman Craig Burr were reconfirmed to their positions for 2009.