Investigators received previous calls about boy who drowned in bathtub

Noah Lane Allen’s early March drowning was not the first time child welfare investigators had heard the 3-year-old’s name.

The Clark County Family Services Department was called twice about Noah in December, according to a report about the child’s death filed with the Nevada Child and Family Services Division.

The agency answered both calls. The first one didn’t fill the requirements to initiate an investigation. The second one was investigated and found unsubstantiated, the report said.

A Family Services spokeswoman was unable to comment on the situations that prompted the calls because of confidentiality issues in Nevada laws. The report didn’t specify who the calls were about besides Noah.

On March 8, paramedics found Noah facedown in a bathtub near Vegas and Buffalo drives. His mother, Christine Allen, who faces murder charges, told officers she held Noah’s head under the water after asking him whether he wanted to go swimming, according to Las Vegas police.

Allen, 30, is divorced and was about to be evicted, according to police. She said voices in her head told her to drown her son because he would be better off dead than being raised by a single mother, according to police.

Police said Allen told them she refused a 911 dispatcher’s pleas to pull Noah from the water and start emergency lifesaving procedures.

There were no other children in the home, according to the Family Services report.

Allen has had other run-ins with law enforcement.

In November, Allen was arrested on charges she called Henderson 911 and falsely reported to police that her estranged husband, Bry Allen, “had pointed a gun at the caller’s head and threatened to kill her,” according to court papers.

Christine Allen pleaded guilty Jan. 18 to one gross misdemeanor count of unlawful use of the 911 system.

She was supposed to be sentenced by District Judge Valorie Vega last week, but her defense lawyers asked for a delay because of the murder case. A new sentencing date was set for March 27.

Noah’s funeral will be Thursday in Louisiana, according to an obituary.

Review-Journal reporter Francis McCabe contributed to this report.