Las Vegas Porsche stolen in 1988 found in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES -- A Porsche 930 Turbo stolen in 1988 in Las Veags has turned up at the Port of Los Angeles.

The 1976 Porsche was being shipped to the Netherlands when customs officials seized it on Tuesday. Authorities say the red sports car was in great condition but its engine was missing and may have been shipped separately.

Marlene Figueroa, a supervising customs officer, says the law requires people exporting cars to provide the vehicle ID numbers. Agents checking the Porsche's number found it was reported stolen in 1988 in Las Vegas.

The car is valued at more than $27,500 without its engine, but Figueroa says the entire vehicle is a collector's item that could go for $80,000. It's being returned to an insurance company.