al-Qaida website lists Las Vegas as potential target

An English-language al-Qaida publication that promotes “lone-wolf” terrorist attacks includes Las Vegas on a list of possible terrorism targets.

Las Vegas police don’t believe the valley is in imminent danger, a Metro spokeswoman said Friday.

Metro did not specify counter-terrorism plans, but the department constantly and diligently check into situations like this, the spokeswoman said. Metro also works with other first responder agencies in the valley to be vigilant against terrorism.

Las Vegas police remind the public to report anything suspicious that they see.

The Gazette newspaper in Colorado Springs, Colo., reported Friday that the potential target list in the online magazine al-Malahem also includes the Air Force Academy, Times Square and Britain’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as well as “tourist resorts where Israelis, Britons or Americans stay.”

Reporter Annalise Porter contributed.