Las Vegas rolls out plan for medical marijuana businesses

Taking a slow but steady approach, the city of Las Vegas has a tentative plan to handle applications for medical marijuana establishments in its own fashion. Not the way Clark County did it. Not the way Henderson is doing it. Not the way North Las Vegas is expected to do it.

“The tentative plan is to have special use permits before the Planning Commission with meetings in the month of September,” Planning Director Flinn Fagg said Wednesday. “Then it would be forward to the City Council in October. It would be about the same time the state will be reviewing it.”

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Department of Planning will accept land use and licensing applications between July 8 and July 17, and has mandated that anyone who submits an application must attend a workshop. More information is on the city’s website at www.lasvegasnevada.gov/medicalmarijuana.

The county skipped its planning commission and left the decisions to county commissioners. Henderson is just forwarding applications to the state to sort them out and make decisions, without input from the Henderson council.

The state will accept applications from Aug. 5-18 and take up to 90 days to review them. Henderson has been approved for five dispensaries by Clark County, but will send all preliminary suitable applications to the state.

Clark County has moved the quickest on the selection process, culling its recommendations for dispensaries to 18. On Tuesday, commissioners approved 101 applications from medical marijuana developers hoping to open production, cultivation and laboratory facilities under the county’s jurisdiction.

They approved 58 permits for cultivation facilities, 38 permits for production facilities and five permits for testing labs.

North Las Vegas has indicated a willingness to move quickly as well and meets Wednesday evening to make decisions.