Man arrested for having guns on school grounds

A man has been arrested after he brought six guns onto school property Thursday morning.

Clark County School District police spokesman Lt. Ken Young said the man, 38-year-old Chad Mathies, was arrested between 3 a.m. and 4 a.m. at Morris Sunset High School, near Pecos Road and Washington Avenue.

A security officer saw the car and alerted school police, Young said.

"He said (to officers) he pulled over there to kill some time," he said.

Mathies had no known ties to the school and had not made threats to anyone at the school, Young said.

The security guard was alerted to Mathies' car because it was parked in a handicap spot, a school district official said.

Police found Mathies lying in the front seat of the car. They also found two handguns, a .45 caliber and a .357 magnum, two shotguns and two rifles in the back seat, along with a box of ammunition, the official said. None of the firearms were loaded, however.

Mathies told police he was waiting for his wife to return to his home near the campus and didn't want to leave his guns in the house, the district official said.

Mathies was arrested for possessing a dangerous weapon on school property and was booked at Clark County Detention Center. Young said police also may recommend charges against Mathies for possessing an unregistered handgun.

Reporter Antonio Planas contributed to this report.

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