Man comes incredibly close to Rio de Janeiro Christ statue in flyby

Ever since GoPro cameras were invented, they have given us entertaining video after entertaining video from extreme sports that let us live vicariously through stunt devils and other enthusiasts, but this one will make you think twice about skydiving.

A video, published on BarcroftTV’s YouTube page, shows two extreme sports professionals in wingsuits flying incredibly close to the 98-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

The man who passes the statue first, Norwegian Espen Fadness, flew just underneath the left arm of the statue and the man behind him by just a few seconds, Frenchman Ludovic Woerth, flew above the left arm and filmed Fadness.

“The statue was in front of me, Rio below me in sunrise, and it was just this absolutely out-of-my-body moment,” Espen Fadness says in the video.

The two men were taken above Rio on motorized hang gliders and jumped from them about 6,500 feet above the city.

The video notes that the two men had the flyby on their list of dream flight destinations, and they celebrated the completion of the stunt by enjoying a breakfast beer afterwards.