Man shot, killed by Henderson police officer after standoff

An apparent domestic dispute ended tragically Saturday when an officer shot and killed a man who confronted police with a gun after an hourlong standoff, Henderson police said.

Police said the incident began about 6:50 a.m. at a residence at 618 Severn St., near Greenway Road and East Horizon Drive. Police were responding to a call about a husband threatening his wife. Police said the woman was able to flee the house, but the couple's 15-year-old son remained in the house.

Police said officers repeatedly asked the man to come out of the house and surrender.

When he came out about 8:05 a.m., he had a handgun. Officers repeatedly told him to put down the gun but the man refused.

That's when one officer fired his weapon at the man. Police did not say how many shots were fired by the officer.

The man's actions forced an officer to fire, police said. The name of the deceased man was not released by authorities.

But a neighbor, who did not want to be named, identified the man as Richie Nolton, who was in his early 40s. The neighbor witnessed the shooting.

The neighbor said she and her husband had just finished walking their dogs about 8 a.m. when they realized their street was full of police cars. The neighbor said she watched the moments leading up the shooting unfold from her backyard, which overlooks Nolton's front yard.

The neighbor said she saw plain-clothes officers and officers who appeared to be SWAT surround the home.

She said in the span of only a few minutes, Nolton walked in and out of his home three times.

The neighbor said Nolton came out of the home. His teenage son and Nolton's unleashed pit bull also were with him in the front yard. Police were yelling at Nolton to put his dog back in the house, the witness said.

Nolton then walked back in the home and walked out again with his son and dog. Police yelled at Nolan to put down a gun. The neighbor said there appeared to be something in his right hand, but she could not make it out. Nolton then walked back in the home for a second time.

Nolton then came out of the house. He was with his son, the neighbor said. The dog was inside. The neighbor said that's when she saw a gun in Nolton's right hand. She said Nolton was not aiming the gun at police, he was moving the gun back and forth while it was pointed at the ground. The neighbor said she heard Nolton telling police to shoot him.

The neighbor said Nolton hugged his son and took one step away from the teenager. That's when someone fired one shot at Nolton and killed him, the neighbor said.

The name of the officer who fired the weapon should be released 48 hours after the incident per department policy. The officer has been placed on routine paid administrative leave.

A jury will be convened during a Clark County coroner's inquest to determine if the officer's actions were justified, excusable or criminal. An inquest date has not been determined.

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