Motorcyclists to protest prohibition of biker club colors in Arizona bars

KINGMAN, Ariz. -- Bikers opposed to a ban on wearing motorcycle club colors inside certain businesses plan to protest in Kingman this weekend.

The chairman of the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, or ACMC, is predicting a huge turnout of bikers who are against a policy adopted by several establishments prohibiting displays of motorcycle club affiliations on their properties.

"We're expecting probably between 1,000 and 2,000 riders," said ACMC Chairman Ray Fitzgerald, who added that members of 41 clubs in Arizona are encouraged to participate. "I've been told there will be more, and I was keeping the number low as we have people coming in from Nevada and California as well."

Kingman Police Chief Bob Devries said those involved with the planned protest have not communicated with city officials. He said several bars and restaurants have adopted the "no colors" rule as part of their right to refuse service to any patron.

Fitzgerald, who goes by the nickname of "Still Ray," said the "no colors" policy is discriminatory. He said motorcycle enthusiasts are upset that Kingman businesses that once welcomed their patronage have posted the policy.

The bikers will meet Saturday at the American Legion Hall in downtown Kingman. They plan to visit one of the "no-colors" establishments in a peaceful demonstration to make a point.

Devries said police are prepared to respond.

"We'll have full staffing in regards to the patrol beats, Devries said.