Lego scheme leads to four Arizona arrests

PHOENIX — Four people have been arrested in what Phoenix police are calling a retail-theft scheme.

They say at least $40,000 in Legos stolen from various Toys “R” Us stores and $200,000 in Lego play sets have been recovered from one of the suspect’s homes.

Police say 40-year-old Troy Koehler, 35-year-old Garry Fairbee, 33-year-old Tarah Dailey and her 34-year-old cousin Melissa Dailey are in custody in connection with the scheme.

Detectives were notified by Toys “R” Us management in March about a large number of Lego playsets being stolen from multiple stores across the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Police reviewed surveillance video and were able to identify two of the suspects as being involved in the thefts.

They say another of the suspects allegedly was selling the stolen Legos sets online.

This is not the only Lego-related crime. A New York woman is currently being charged with grand larceny due to the theft of 800 Lego sets totaling $60,000.