State legislators cut their own pay by 4.8 percent

CARSON CITY - In a show of solidarity with state employees, all 63 state legislators voted Wednesday to reduce their own pay by 4.8 percent, or about $421, during the legislative session scheduled to end June 3.

The reduction is identical to the wage cuts state employees have been taking since 2009 because of the recession.

"We are in it with them," said Assemblyman Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas.

Under terms of the resolution, legislators who voted for the proposal automatically will have their pay cut unless they make arrangements with legislative administrators to keep receiving full pay. The money they give up will be placed in the state's general fund. The total legislators will give up is $26,523.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is recommending that some pay reductions on state employees be restored after July 1, reducing the number of unpaid furlough days state employees take from six to three.

Although legislators receive pay of $8,777 for the 2013 session, they also are given $152 a day in living allowances.

Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, D-Las Vegas, said all four Republican and Democratic leaders of the Legislature drew up the pay reduction plan.

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