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Nevada panel’s land control move killed

A push by some Nevada public officials to seek control of a portion of the state’s federally controlled lands suffered a blow Thursday when the concept was taken off the table for discussion at a meeting of state lawmakers, a move that drew legislators’ objections.

County seeks closed meetings for UMC board

Clark County commissioners narrowly decided Tuesday to pursue a change in the Nevada open meeting law that would allow University Medical Center’s board to meet in closed session to talk about strategies and potential plans that competitors could potentially disrupt.

Nevada bill would modify school boards

Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey, R-Reno, said Friday he is requesting a bill for the 2015 legislative session to consider changes to the way county school boards operate in the wake of the Washoe County School Board’s failed attempt to fire Superintendent Pedro Martinez.

Panel to draft bill on energy savings

A legislative committee Friday agreed to draft a bill for the 2015 session to look at energy-savings opportunities for utility customers, but the panel declined to move forward with the specific recommendations of a public policy group.

Foster daughter’s death spurs appeal to lawmakers

The June death of her 7-month-old foster daughter prompted Sheila Smith to ask a legislative committee to evaluate Clark County Department of Family Services’ medical policies and procedures on Friday. Smith did take her ailing foster daughter to the hospital, but doctors needed to run a test to treat her condition, which required consent from the biological mother, she said. Family Services couldn’t locate the biological mother and told Smith it would take two weeks to get a court order allowing the baby to undergo the needed medical procedures .