Nevada would be first state in West holding 2016 Demo presidential caucus

Nevada would hold its Democratic presidential caucuses no later than Feb. 20, 2016, under a Democratic calender proposed Friday that maintains the Silver State’s status of holding the first White House vote in the West.

U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., who in 2008 boosted his home state’s battleground status by winning an early caucus date, praised the decision that would have Iowa and New Hampshire vote first, followed by Nevada then South Carolina.

“I fought hard to secure Nevada’s status as an early state on the presidential nominating calendar because Nevadans deserve a say in selecting the nominees for president,” Reid said in a statement. “Today’s announcement further cements Nevada’s status, behind Iowa and New Hampshire, and ensures the West plays a critical role in selecting our nation’s president going forward.”

Reid said he would work with Nevada Republicans to coordinate the caucus date “to ensure Nevadans, regardless of party affiliation, maintain this important position.”

The Democratic National Committee Rules and Bylaws Committee announced the proposed dates. The full DNC is expected to decide the final calendar in August, according to The Associated Press.

Under the proposed calendar, Iowa would hold its presidential caucuses Feb. 1. The New Hampshire primary would be held Feb. 9, followed by Nevada no earlier than Feb. 20, and then the South Carolina primary Feb. 27.

Other states would be allowed to hold their contests from March 1 through the second Tuesday in June.

The Democrats’ proposed calendar sticks closely to the framework laid out by the Republican National Committee. The GOP plan allows for those four states to vote in February but doesn’t specify dates.

The proposed calendar might not hold. In past years, states such as Florida and Michigan have tried to jump the line, forcing Iowa and New Hampshire to hold the first presidential voting in January.

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