GOP complaint in state treasurer’s race dismissed

CARSON CITY — Secretary of State Ross Miller has dismissed a complaint filed by the Clark County Republican Party against Controller Kim Wallin for allegedly misusing campaign funds.

Miller said there was nothing improper when Wallin, who is a candidate for state treasurer, used campaign contributions to pay her own company for handling payroll services for her campaign.

Miller said candidates can use contributions for accounting and bookkeeping services, and that Wallin’s ownership interest in her business, D.K. Wallin Ltd., “does not preclude her from utilizing and paying for the services that her business provides.”

Nick Phillips, political director for the CCRP, said Miller did not answer the complaint.

“He has failed to investigate whether Ms. Wallin is paying herself or others; or whether the amount billed has any relationship to the accounting services directly related to her campaign,” Phillips said. “The answers to these questions would certainly bear on whether she broke the law.

“Voters will judge for themselves whether she has simply transferred money from her political pocket to her personal pocket, thereby illegally profiting at her contributor’s expense,” he said.

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