One-Stop Career Center offers three levels of service

In an effort to improve Southern Nevada’s economic outlook and address employers’ and job seekers’ concerns, the Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board, known as Workforce Connections, has opened a One-Stop Career Center at 6330 W. Charleston Blvd. With the One-Stop Career Center system partners’ network and service providers, programs and services are offered to those most in need of employment assistance.

Everyone can use services provided by the One-Stop system. Even if they receive services from another agency, they have the right to access One-Stop delivery system services.

There are three levels of services available through the One-Stop system, and adults typically move from one level to the next depending on their needs.

The first level of service is called core services and they are usually self-directed in nature. For individuals who try core services but have not become employed, intensive services may be available if the career services representatives determines that core services are not sufficient to obtain employment.

Training services are available to individuals who meet eligibility criteria, and have used core and intensive services, but still are not successfully employed. In addition, support services may be provided to customers receiving any service.

The three categories of services available through the One-Stop Career Center begin with:

Core Services

Core services are those services that are available at no cost to everyone. An individual may receive core services as part of a group, or service may be provided one on one. The following is a sampling of the types of core services that are available:

n program intake and orientation

n work skills exploration

n use of the resource library, which includes access to computers, telephones, fax and copy machines

n search for jobs and training

n access to job banks or current listings of available jobs

n Internet access

n resume development

n job-search skills training

n interview techniques workshops

n employer referrals to open positions

n determination of eligibility for additional services

Individuals should ask for help to create a plan or a list of ideas on how they can get the most out of the services of the One-Stop Career Center. Making a plan of needed services will allow individuals to get the most out of Southern Nevada’s One-Stop delivery system.

Intensive Services

Intensive services are available to individuals who are unable to obtain employment using core services and who meet specific eligibility criteria. These services are at no cost to those who meet the eligibility criteria. Funding may be available for intensive services.

Sample intensive services include:

n comprehensive assessments of skills and service needs

n development of an individual employment and/or career plan

n customized screening and assessment

n reference/background checks

n intensive career counseling

n in-depth interviewing skills development

n computer workshops

n one-to-one assistance with updating resumes, cover letters and thank you letters

n case management

n supportive services to remove barriers to employment

Education and Training

Education and training services may be available to individuals who have used core and intensive services and have not become successfully employed. The type of training offered varies by occupational categories and is based on the employment needs of local business. Individuals can choose training services from any eligible provider.

Listed below are some of the types of training services available through our Southern Nevada One-Stop system :

n occupational skills education and training

n computer literacy training

n on-the-job training

n up-to-date work skills

n job-readiness training

n adult education and literacy

n customized training for an employer who commits to hiring

To access the One-Stop Career Center services, go online to register at: or visit the center at 6330 W . Charleston Blvd.

Find out the core services at the center that interest you.

n Sign up for workshops and training that you want to attend.

n Review the One-Stop Center’s monthly activity calendar to see if there are activities you want to attend, such as computer training or employability classes.

n Explore the resources in the One-Stop Center’s resource room.

n Use computers and the Internet to look up job openings, create resumes and write cover letters.

n Review career exploration sites.

n Review the job board located in the One-Stop Career Center.

n Post your resume in the resume bank (a set of resumes that employers can look at on a computer that will help them to find potential employees).

n Participate in an on-site recruiting or hiring event at the center. For example, employers go to the center and conduct job fairs and interview job applicants.

LeVerne W. Kelley is the manager of One-Stop CareerCenter at Workforce Connections.