Police search for person who shot at officers

Las Vegas police continued to search for a suspect who fired shots at officers Tuesday morning.

Police Sgt. Andy Walsh said the shooting happened about 8 a.m. near Stewart Market, near Stewart Avenue and 21st Street.

A patrol officer made a routine traffic stop in which a man was arrested on unrelated warrants, Walsh said. The officer was then joined by a second patrol officer, who assisted with the arrest.

Shortly after the arrest, officers heard shots from an unknown location. One shot struck a utility pole behind the officers' cars.

The officers called for backup and drove the traffic suspect several streets away, Walsh said. A second set of officers responded to investigate the shooting and also heard several shots fired.

Police have not identified the shooting suspect. It was unclear what type of weapon was used, Walsh said, although officers believe it was a rifle.

"They don't know what type of caliber it was," he said. "We didn't recover any evidence from the pole."

Officers were not injured and did not return fire.

The area was briefly shut down as police conducted a door-to-door search for the suspect. No arrests were made, but one weapon, a .22-caliber rifle, was recovered.

Police do not believe the weapon was used in the shooting and have not sought search warrants for the home.

Walsh said the shooting was an uncommon occurrence, but one not as rare as people may think.

"It's not the first I've heard of it," he said. "I think it happens more than people know. But it's definitely not an everyday occurrence."