Nevada Legislature resolution denounces possible revival of Yucca Mountain project

CARSON CITY — A resolution expressing the Nevada Legislature’s opposition to developing Yucca Mountain as a high-level radioactive waste repository was introduced in the Assembly on Wednesday.

Assembly Joint Resolution 10 is expected to be heard Monday by the Assembly Commerce and Labor subcommittee on energy.

The resolution comes as some members of Congress consider restarting licensing proceedings for Yucca Mountain.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and most state and local elected officials oppose any effort to site the dump in Nevada.

The resolution recites the history of the selection of Yucca Mountain as the location to bury nuclear waste generated by nuclear plants around the country.

It concludes in part by saying the “Nevada Legislature formally restates its strong and unyielding opposition to the development of Yucca 10 Mountain as a repository for spent nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste.”

Nye County Commission Chairman Dan Schinhofen criticized the resolution, saying that it is authored primarily by Clark County legislators and is based on misinformation.

“After 35 years and $15 billion, Nevadans and the nation deserve to hear the science and have a decision made by an independent body,” he said in a statement. “Political science should not overshadow nuclear science.”

On Monday, the state Agency for Nuclear Projects presented its budget to a panel of lawmakers for the coming two years to continue the fight against the project.

The agency’s budget for the coming two years totals $1.9 million in the first year and $1.85 million in the second year. Nevada is objecting to the project on multiple grounds, including site suitability, the disposal concept, groundwater impacts and transportation issues.

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