Reporters' Notebook

Is this a Reporters' Notebook or a house of mirrors?

Last week's notebook included a Twitter exchange between Secretary of State Ross Miller and a reporter who saved him from falling down some stairs.

Now comes Miller's humorous response, also on Twitter, to the Reporter's Notebook item about his previous Twitter traffic: "Hint you should be more judicious with tweets: when fact you can't walk & answer ?s at the same time makes Sunday paper."

Of course, there's a chance Miller will see this item as well and go on Twitter to tweet about his tweet about the tweet.

Surely we wouldn't tell you about that too, would we?


Overheard on the scanner. Traffic from a police helicopter: "You gotta remember we're like 3,000 frickin' feet in the air here, dude."

Andrea Bocelli will perform at the MGM Grand on Saturday , so a Review-Journal entertainment columnist recently chatted with the Italian tenor over the phone. The interview required an interpreter, who listened in on a third line in a third city.

At one point, the columnist asked a long question, and the translator translated. There was no answer from Bocelli.

The interpreter called out, "Andre-ah. Andre-ah." Finally, a woman came on the phone and said, "Sorry, Andre-ah is in the bathroom."


When talk turns to the possibility of massive layoffs in state government, a concern often raised is the loss of institutional knowledge. Maybe there's something to that.

Consider this Facebook status update from a College of Southern Nevada history professor: "For everyone who teaches in CY 1227, here's how to get the VCR to work: First, on the wall panel, push the DVR button (not the VCR button), then on the component at the bottom of the stack under the VCR, push button 1 (again DVR not VCR), then dance in a circle three times, and lastly pick up the long black remote, not the short gray remote, and push Play."