Request by judge rejected

CARSON CITY -- The Judicial Discipline Commission has rejected a request by suspended Clark County District Judge Elizabeth Halverson to stay the disciplinary proceedings against her.

Halverson had asked for a stay while the Supreme Court considers a separate but related petition seeking to have the disciplinary proceedings dismissed.

The vote against the stay was 6-1, with member Jerome Polaha, a Washoe County district judge, voting to grant the stay. The order denying the stay was filed Thursday.

Halverson could try to win a stay from the Nevada Supreme Court.

While her attorneys had been seeking the stay, Halverson nevertheless responded Tuesday to the formal 14-count complaint filed against her by commission special prosecutor Dorothy Nash Holmes on Jan. 7.

The Judicial Discipline Commission complaint lists allegations of bizarre behavior including mistreating staff members, sleeping during trials and having illegal communication with jurors.

Halverson has denied the allegations.

The commission, in its order denying the stay, agreed to give Halverson additional time to expand on her answer to the formal charges.

Halverson has asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the proceedings and has argued the commission has taken too long to proceed, a violation of her constitutional due process rights. The court has agreed to consider the matter.

Halverson is on temporary suspension with pay. She has filed for re-election.