Second person arrested in Strip shooting that paralyzed teen

A second man who police believe paralyzed a teenager when he shot him on the Strip in February was arrested Monday.

Ariya Manoi, 22, was arrested nine months after police said he shot 18-year-old Jeremy Miller and and paralyzed him from the chest down. Troy Price, 19, and Destiny Garcia, 19, were injured in the incident.

The shooting stemmed from a high school argument between Price and 18-year-old Devante Jeffers. Price believed Jeffers got him fired from his pizzeria job, the report said.

Jeffers and Manoi were together earlier in the evening at the Hard Rock Cafe when Miller and Price confronted them, according to the report.

Miller and Price left the Hard Rock Cafe but returned with Destiny Garcia and some of their friends, the report said.

Garcia drove to the sixth floor of the Showcase Mall parking garage where Miller and Price saw Jeffers’ and Manoi’s cars, the report said.

Manoi and Jeffers were waiting in the lobby of the garage as the group took the elevator to the first floor, according to the report. Manoi pulled out a gun and fired nine shots at them, according to police. Miller was struck several times in the torso, biceps and thigh, later resulting in paralysis. Price was shot once in the neck.

Manoi then put the barrel of the gun to Garcia’s forehead after she fell to her knees, but didn’t pull the trigger, the report said.

Witnesses “overheard Jeffers saying ‘you’re going to die, bitch.’ Garcia began to plead for Manoi not to shoot her.”

A witness told police that Manoi got into his car on the sixth floor and drove off, according to the report.

Jeffers was arrested the night of the shooting on two counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon and one count of battery with a deadly weapon.

Manoi was arrested nine months later on three counts of attempted murder, two counts of battery with a deadly weapon and trafficking.

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